About Herb and Flame

Herb and Flame offers high-quality herbs, spices, teas, and supplements, with a reputation for extremely prompt shipping at great prices. 

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Herb and Flame's values:

  • Customers matter. We provide the best products and service we can to make your order easier. We also value customer input, and many of the products we carry were ordered by customer request! We have received several handwritten letters of thanks from pleased customers over the years, and these are pinned up in our office to remind us of how awesome you all are and why we do this work.
  • Be efficient and offer value.  We eliminate waste at every step and use those savings to provide you with quality herbs, spices and teas at great prices. This keeps our business streamlined and keeps you happy! 
  • Sustainability is important. The Herb and Flame warehouse and office operate partially on solar power; we recycle and compost waste; we use recycled or upcycled paper and packing materials; and we ship in the most economical way possible to reduce packaging material waste.

Our business story:

Herb and Flame is a small business whose owner and staff have decades of experience in safe food handling and efficient inventory management. Founded in 2010, we operate out of a midsize city in Washington state. Starting as an eBay store, Herb and Flame quickly became a premier seller in our product line, offering the best prices on our products with stellar customer feedback. As of 2016, we also began offering our quality herbs, spices, teas and supplements here on our own storefront. 

We are sticklers for cleanliness, safety, and efficiency. This means you get the products you need at a price you can afford, and we get happy customers. Win win!

Do you need to talk about your order?

While we strive for excellence and hit the mark most of the time, errors do occur. If this happens, we are more than happy to correct it. Please contact us if an item goes missing in transit, gets damaged, is incorrectly packaged.